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America's New Entrepreneur--CPR Champion!

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At, a division of Gardner Bank, we serve micro business customers in the wide range of their business' life-cycles, from pre-start up, to mature business company. Regardless of what stage of success you have taken your micro business to, you can count on us to share your story. This weeks story, in their own words, is CPR Champion.

Have you ever been in a situation that likely required medical attention but you were afraid to act because you didn’t know what to do? Have a family member or co-worker with a delicate health history and want to be prepared? Thought of taking CPR but couldn’t find a class and location that fit your needs? CPR Champion has solutions for you.
Did you know 70 percent of Americans feel unprepared to act during a cardiac emergency, either because they do not know cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) or because they feel rusty because they haven’t taken a class in many years, according to the American Heart Association (AHA)? 

And while 88 percent of cardiac arrests occur at home, the survival rate of those who suffer home cardiac arrests is a mere 8%.  If the victim receives CPR their chances of survival can double or triple and with the use of Automatic External Defibrillation (AED), the survival rate goes up to over 50%, according to the AHA.   
These alarming statistics show the need to increase the public’s ability to perform high-quality CPR.  And with the prevalence of AED machines in so many public areas, the tools are in place for bystanders to help. 
Recognizing the success of high-quality CPR inspired Alexa Champion Marks to become a certified CPR instructor. 

After many years of working as a personal trainer, Alexa became a registered nurse in the emergency department of several local hospitals, including a Level 1 trauma center.  Initially, she taught for five years with the Loudoun County Virginia Medical Reserve Corps, Alexa then proceeded to begin CPR Champion, Living Health LLC.
She has worked as an ER RN, a family practice RN manager, and currently as an RN wellness educator and home health RN. Before earning her BSN & RN, she worked as a certified personal trainer and ran her own outdoor bootcamp & personal training company, based out of Leesburg, VA. 
Making sure everyone feels comfortable and supported in the learning environment is paramount for Alexa’s classes.  Any question is legit and everyone gets plenty of practice time. 

Participants have submitted reviews saying that the class was"entertaining and informative," and that as an instructor, Alexa was "very polite & informative." Recent students submitted that "I loved the hands-on part! I feel good about CPR now.” 
As far as credentials, Alexa holds a Bachelor's of Science in Nursing from Shenandoah University and a Bachelor's of Arts in English from the University of Maryland at College Park. She is a registered nurse in the District as well as in Virginia & Maryland with a compact state license.  

Alexa is certified by the American Heart Association to teach both Healthcare Provider CPR/AED (Basic Life Support) for Adults, Infants and Children as well as lay CPR/AED & First Aid for Adults, Infants and Children.  Alexa also holds a certification from the American Safety & Health Institute (ASHI) to teach CPR/AED & First Aid at the healthcare provider level and lay level.
Alexa is also a breast cancer survivor.  After fighting her cancer battle, Alexa achieved clarity regarding the importance of starting her own business and focusing on what was important to her.  The mission of CPR Champion, Living Health LLC, is to offer on-demand, on-site CPR and First Aid classes, to both laypersons and health care providers conveniently. is proud to be helping micro business customers like CPR Champion build their business dreams with simple, value-based banking solutions.

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